Perth’s New Home for Tech and Investment

Welcome to The Blockchain Centre Perth, the epicentre of Western Australia’s blockchain community!

The Blockchain Centre Perth is one of the newest additions to the global Blockchain Centre phenomenon, which aims to bring blockchain to the forefront of mainstream society through harnessing its core values of coworking, education and community. The Blockchain Centre Perth is the centre of Western Australia’s blockchain ecosystem, where members are able to thrive in a community surrounded by Perth’s leading professionals in the blockchain space.

The Blockchain Centre Perth is a part of a global network with over 4000 blockchain-related professionals. We believe that Blockchain technology is revolutionising the world as we currently know it and that Perth can be considered a world leader in this industry if it is supported by the right infrastructure and network. It was from this belief in the talent in Perth’s blockchain community that The Blockchain Centre Perth was born!


The Blockchain Centre Perth has been specifically designed as a coworking space that aims to increase and support a successful coworking atmosphere.

The space is comprised of large, opened-planned areas, dual offices, meeting rooms, a spacious boardroom and several casual common areas.

We encourage a coworking mentality and our space reflects this in the layout, however, there is still plenty of options for privacy with private offices available to lease, as well as access to meeting rooms for more formal and private meetings.


The Blockchain Centre Perth aims to be the central knowledge hub for blockchain and fintech related education in the Perth community.

The Blockchain Centre Perth has a range of blockchain, fintech and professional service companies already thriving in the supportive and engaging environment.

We encourage the use of our facilities for educational events by meetup groups and blockchain enthusiasts to promote the technology to mainstream society by bringing more understanding and awareness to the community at large.


The Blockchain Centre Perth is community-focused on both a local and global scale.

Globally, we are connected with several other established Blockchain Centres worldwide, with a total membership of over 4000 people in our network.

Locally, we aim to increase our community impact by hosting educational, corporate and community events all year round, as well as aiming to increase our co-working space membership and our wider community reach through blockchain education and awareness.

Host an event at the Blockchain Centre Perth

The Blockchain Centre Perth has meeting rooms and event space available for hire! See all the facilities available by watching the video from the Blockchain Centre Perth launch event.

Contact us if you are interested in hosting your next event or meetup at the Blockchain Centre Perth’s professional event space by pressing the button below!

Office Space and Co-working desks Available Now!

The Blockchain Centre Perth has brand new, modern, fitted-out office space and co-working desks available to rent. To see the facilities the Blockchain Centre Perth has to offer, see the gallery below.


Blockchain Centre Events

View our events to stay up to date with the latest workshops and presentations at the Blockchain Centre Perth.

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