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  • Converting pre-product utility tokens to equity via a re-compliance offering

    By Steven Bryson-HaynesUnderstanding the differences between utility and security tokens: the theme park analogy.To better understand the difference between a utility token and a security token, I like to use a theme park analogy. A utility token is fundamentally designed to give token holders […]

  • Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 key for cryptocurrency adoption

    By Michael BuchananImage: MobilSamsung unveiled the latest iteration of its Galaxy line of smartphones on February 20, and included is a new feature that has cryptocurrency fans excited. The recently announced Galaxy S10 lineup of smartphones now feature the ability to securely store […]

  • Major international streaming service signs on Coincast TV

    DigitalX CEO Leigh Travers at the launch of Blockchain Centre Perth.International streaming service DIVAN.TV has signed a deal to rebroadcast Season 1 of Coincast TV, the world’s first mainstream show covering the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.DIVAN.TV is a global OTT […]

  • How we tokenized DigitalX employee shares

    How We Tokenized DigitalX Employee SharesBy David Beros, Head of ProductTalk about the tokenization of everything seems to be everywhere, from financial products to real estate, islands, sports cars, and of course, your favorite collectible digital cats. Token use of the word tokenization […]

  • DigitalX Quarterly Highlights

    December 2018West Tech Fest hosted by Curtin University and Global Blockchain Business CouncilHIGHLIGHTSDigitalX launches DX Americas with US Investment Bank AmerX to service the Security Token Offering (STO) marketProgress of Blockchain funds management across South America and Europe to […]

  • Coincast TV Season 1

    Catch up on the entire first season of Coincast TV.Whether you are a crypto enthusiast, have an interest in blockchain or you just want to know more, Coincast TV is your weekly dose of blockchain news from around the world.[10 Aug 2018] We head to a luxury island powered by crypto. […]

  • Startup sanctuary: WA first blockchain centre opens in West Perth

    By Hamish Hastie, The Sydney Morning Herald4 December 2018Perth’s who’s who of blockchain were at the opening of the world’s ninth Blockchain centre in West Perth on Monday night.The centre is a WA-first and will allow startups with products that revolve around […]

  • DigitalX, Blockchain Global to open up WA blockchain market

    Blockchain advisory firms DigitalX and Blockchain Global open the doors to Perth’s first blockchain centre.Perth Blockchain Centre will operate as a startup incubator for emerging blockchain and FinTech projects in Western Australia, backed by the two ICO advisory firms.DigitalX CEO […]